Your Journey Starts Here

You have the sea time, you have your TRB all filled out, you have passed all the modules and you have a copy of MSN 1858! How do I book an Oral exam? How do I pass first time? Watch my video below for all the answers.

From the application, to the final goal of holding your NOE with the words PASSED, we are here to help. Having done this myself I have prepared a great plan of study with plenty of help and checks along the way. Please click on the links below for more advice,  important downloads and online quizzes.  You will need the password from the e-book/kindle to access the good bits!  

A free fun quiz for all! This is how the quizzes work

Advice on how to fill out the forms -  please click and it will take you to our helpful templates and advice.  

Once you have your NOE, I ask you to do an initial quiz to allow me to identify your strengths and weaknesses and to make a plan that will work! We then have a chat on Skype to find the right exam centre and make sure we are on the same page.

Once we have an exam, I send you my famous kindle. This contains everything you need to self study. I have written an e-book; although it does have pictures its not much fun, it does however cover the syllabus and allows you to feel confident with the content.

Okay so the big day is coming fast, are you on track? I check that we are via a 1 month quiz. The password is found inside my e-book/kindle. Have you found it? 

We are getting very close, we should now be making the last flash cards and really feeling on top of the rules. Lets find out how you are doing. Again the password is to be found inside the kindle.

Arrive here on the island knowing you have good comfortable accommodation with fast Internet and all the books and props at your fingertips. Next day my intense training begins, I hope you are ready.

Its coming to the end of the prep course and you have the final quiz in preparation for your Mock Exam tomorrow. Hope your suit has been dry-cleaned since your last wedding! Tip – do not wear brown shoes or colorful ties. We will now see how you handle pressure! My mock examiner will find any weaknesses and give you independent feedback. Now it’s just fine-tuning before your big “real” exam day.

Have a beer, its all done. Congratulations. Good job. Emma will emailed you the final covering letter to send to the MCA for the all important issue of the CoC..