Terms & Conditions

Distance Course

Time to study min 3 weeks!

Ok so this is the most important part of the distance learning, you need to be off the boat to allow you to study full time, as if you were sat on the in the immersive class. You will need 3 weeks fully free to be able to do this course. It does not work if you are working or travelling and cannot sit down at a desk for 8 hours every day for 3 weeks. If you can’t manage this then don’t do my distance! You also must confirm that you will have a good internet connection for the online mocks.

Fred is not a normal teacher; Fred is a yachty and as such Fred will shoot you with a BB gun or make you do star jumps on a busy road -He can do this via skype!  So please don’t sign up unless you are fully committed to his “different” teaching style.

Bank transfer (details on invoice)
Card payments via the phone or in person.

Distance Course Booking
100 % payment on confirmation/booking of examination

We get it, boats are not great at committing to schedules, but you have to be to pass this exam. Really think long and hard before saying “yes” to Fred.
On the rare occasion you have to cancel than we will do our up most to find someone to replace you and move your deposit across to the next course. However please note due to the large amount of pre-reading (6-8 weeks) it becomes very difficult to find a replacement after this time – so please give us as much notice as possible.

Very Rare
Fred also reserves the right to cancel a course – should this happen you will be offered an alternative date, distance learning or be refunded (very unlikely but have to put it in my terms and conditions which you are probably not reading anyway)

Intellectual Property
Don’t steal our stuff. By stuff, we mean the awesome content, videos, notes, audios, quizzes, pictures and advice unless you have our permission. Our content is protected by all the freaking laws you can think of. This means don’t use it, think of using it, or even stare at it with the intention of doing something we didn’t give you permission for. Its a small industry.

Lastly thank you for taking the time to read our terms and conditions if you got this far.