OOW NOE Application Form


To pass the OOW 3000gt. This will allow you to become an officer on board any yacht as either the chief mate or the second officer. Plus give you full hose rights during wash-down

Please see  MSN1858 for guidance.

How do we do it?

First thing to do is to apply for your NOE - Fill form MSF 4343 from the MCA web site. 

(EDH - make sure you do your EDH first - see below for sneaky bits)

Please note the MSN 1858 has a mistake for the TRB stating:
“Completion of Yacht Training Record Book. Note: Not required if the candidate can provide evidence of 36 months’ onboard yacht service in vessels of at least 24 metres in load line length;” 

Applicants are only exempt from submitting a TRB if they have completed at least 36 months (1080) days of actual sea service on vessels over 24m' which is what MSN 1858 should have stated."
This shown in the application form and in MIN 521 to state this. 

Need help?  see example example filled out MSF 4343

You must have the correct sea time, which must be logged. You do not need to have completed all the courses and hold all the pass certificates to apply for the NOE!  In busy periods it can take up to 8 weeks for the process of the NOE so please apply prior to doing the modules.

Sea service (what does this mean)
Have (since the age of 16 years) a minimum of 36 months On-board Yacht Service, in vessels of any size, including not less than 365 days Sea Service in vessels of 15 metres or over in load line length, where the Sea Service is:

  • i. A minimum of 250 days Actual Sea Service, and

  • ii. The balance of 115 days any combination of the following:

  • Further Actual Sea Service

  • Stand-by Service to a maximum of 14 consecutive days in one period regardless of any further time spent standing-by. Further periods may be counted only when the vessel returns after proceeding to sea on passage

  • Yard Service to a maximum of 90 days continuously or in separate periods

Before being issued with a Notice of Eligibility to sit an MCA oral examination you must provide evidence of having completed the full amount of qualifying service applicable to the Certificate of Competency you are applying for.

Service should be in the deck department onboard yachts and will be reckoned from the date of engagement to the date of discharge. A minimum of 4 hours of working duty in 24 hours would count as 1 full day.

At least 6 months of the qualifying seagoing service must have been performed within the 5 years immediately preceding the MCA’s receipt of your application.

Service may be performed in vessels of any flag. 

Proof of On-board Yacht Service should be in the form of any of the following documents supported by testimonials:

  • Merchant Navy discharge book

  • Certificates of discharge (Annex F) from MSN 1858

  • Professional Yachtsmen’s Association (PYA) Service Record Book

  • Similar MCA approved service record book

Testimonials should cover conduct and ability for at least the last 12 months of On-board Yacht Service preceding the date of application and may also include details of Sea Service and Watch keeping Service as applicable. Testimonials, which must be verifiable, should be in the format given in (Annex C) from MSN 1858.

If details of Sea Service and Watch keeping Service are not included in the testimonials then this time must be verified by separate certificates of service. 

This now needs to be verified click here for info on this


Officer of the Watch (Yachts less than 3000gt):

To qualify for issue of this CoC a candidate must meet all of the following requirements:

Be at least 19 years old

Hold either:

An RYA Yachtmaster certificate Offshore and a certificate of successful completion of a shore-based Yachtmaster Offshore course*; or

An IYT Master of Yachts Limited certificate; 

Have completed the MCA approved Training Record Book (This is the fun bit you need to have every section filled out and signed not just some but all!) Here is an example

Note: Not required if the candidate can provide evidence of 36 months Sea Service in vessels of at least 24 metres in load line length

Hold all of the following certificates for the OOW Yacht 3000gt

Successful completion of the MCA-approved ‘Navigation and Radar (OOW yachts)’ training module and passing the corresponding IAMI written examination;

Successful completion of the MCA-approved ‘General Ship Knowledge (OOW yachts)’ training module and passing the corresponding IAMI written examination; 

Pass the OOW (Yachts less than 3000gt) oral examination This is the bit I help you with! 

Are there any other sneaky bits?

As per MSN 1858 from January 2017 you need to have held your EDH for 18 months to apply for the OOW CoC.

Hence if you did your EDH next month and then sat your OOW next year after doing the modules you would not be able to receive your ticket till next July!

Make sure you do your EDH before your other courses!

To obtain Master, II/2, code vessels less than 200 GT endorsement on your OOW yachts, less than 3000 GT, II/1 Certificate of Competency, you must apply to sit a separate oral examination.