Initial Quiz

So you have your NOE in hand and you are ready for the next big step - Booking the exam and securing the prep course to match the exam date and your boat schedule. 

Emma takes away the hassle of calling all the exam centers on your behalf and also provides you with a covering letter to be sent with your NOE, along with an example on how to fill in the back of your NOE.

Please note, that your exam booking is not confirmed until they have received your original NOE, and most exam centers do not take tentative bookings or give out exact dates. Not the easiest of systems to deal with when busy on a boat. 

We also make sure we book the right exam centre for you. To do this I ask you to do my initial quiz.  This helps in many ways; primarily it allows me to bench mark your progress as we build up to the big day. I don't expect you to know everything but it gives me an idea of what you do remember from Nav and radar/GSK. If I taught you sorry, however I prefer all students to start on the same level playing field.  This is important as it allows me to give you a fair idea of how much time you will need. 

Once you have done the quiz, we then have a quick chat on Skype/Phone. If you are physically coming to my immersive course then I also want to make sure the dynamics work well in the house. I try to have a varied selection of crew for your prep course. Ideally one from a sailing background, a Bosun/lead deckhand from a bigger 60m plus motor boat and Mate on a 35 to 50m - this allows you to have a good base to help each other. 

You will need the password to be emailed to you to access the quiz. 
Good luck and remember it is timed and there may be more than one answer.