Happy Students

Hi Fred, Now that the dust has settled and I’ve had some time to unwind I wanted to send a quick note of thanks. I don’t know quite how I would have fared without your help but I know for a fact that it was precisely your help that got me over the finish line. The whole package, from pre-talks, to accommodation and learning structure and the final touches of everything being in Belfast, was unbelievably well choreographed. Since completion I’ve had 4 job offers and they keep coming in so hopefully I’m on a big’n soon and if you’re still going in a couple of years, I’ll see you for masters prep. Thanks again Fred.
One again Fred I am writing to tell you THANKYOU!!It means so much for me to pass the OOW and reflecting on the week in the house and with the iPad before, i have only admiration for the amount of hard work and dedication it has taken on your behalf. Thankyou for being kind and attentive throughout most of last year. You have made sure my life turned for the better and for that I am truly greatfull. Wishing the Wilson family a very merry Xmas.

Kind regards
— Darren
Hi Emma
Thanks so much. It will be wonderful not to look at a book for a while. Not sure if I’ll be able to pick up an iPad anytime soon without a cold sweat coming on! 
But seriously, thank you for all your help. You and Fred have a great set up and I’m sure will continue to grow. I was really impressed with the app and will spread the word. 
I’ll be in touch tomorrow as I want to get this off ASAP so i don’t risk my GSK expiring on the 19th!:)
Speak soon
— Tim
Hi Fred, Quick message to personally say many thanks for all your help during the prep week and guidance and advice before it. I’m very happy to have passed yesterday and couldn’t have done it without you. You have a good thing going and I’ll will recommend you to everyone! I have a very sore head today as expected. I will post the kindle and book tomorrow back to the address you provided.
— Danny Blanchard
Another OOW PASS!! with a great deal of help from Fred Wilson(Fredsoralprep.com).
I can’t recommend his prep week enough, perfectly structured, focuses on the important things and doesn’t waste time teaching stuff that isn’t relevant. Provided me with a great deal of support throughout my whole OOW process. And he backs it up with an impressive pass rate (all 3 of his students passed on my day). Cheers Fred!
— Ryan Collins
Thank you Fred and Emma for all your help getting me through my OOW. It was hard work but with your guidance and support I made it. Thanks too to my study buddies Mike, Ben and Alex, at least you made a stressful time a little more bearable. Best of luck to Ben next week I’m sure it will be 4 out of 4 by next Wednesday!
— Gareth Knight
Just another PASS for Fred Wilson and his Awesome Oral prep week 3000gt OOW. Look no further guys! He’s second to none and so professional with everything he does! such a pleasure... Thanks Fred
— Ross Gardner
Dear Fred,

I just wanted to write you an email thanking you for your support and amazing teaching skill, you are one of a kind teacher I have ever had! So Thank you again. 
— Nicholas Pussey
Just want to say thanks to Fred Wilson for the awesome and amazing prep week. Had steak on my first night in and even got feedback from him at 06:30 on a wobbly start of the big exam day. Guys if you want to pass your orals look no further, Fred Wilson is your man.
— Pieter Coetzee
“Having just passed my OOW Oral in Belfast, i just wanted to say how thankfully i am of the hard work Fred and Emma do to make this ‘1 Stop Oral Prep’ happen.

Having the kindle with Fred’s Notes and all relevant legislation and publications on the kindle at hand a month before is genius,and in the weeks leading up to the Oral Prep the web based exams made me feel confident that i was retaining the information.The house organized by Fred and Emma was very nice and kitted out with beer, pizza, and steaks and enough food for 2-3 days taking that initial load off you and providing maximum time to study after class,which was made very convenient by all relevant publications provided in the house and a big plus was all the instruments ie sextant to practice your correctable errors, smarty board and all charts that might be used in the exam, basically you don’t really need to leave the house 

Fred’s very humble about mistakes made in the past by himself and has amazing metaphors for helping to explain rules of the road and showing you real life examples of how UK legislation is implemented through the yacht fleet.

The only one thing you need to worry about is Fred burning the garlic bread ! 

Thanks Fred and Emma”
— Craig Taylor
“Taken a while to post I now have my first job as an OOW, I did my prep with Fred in August. And passed my oral in September. There’s nothing else like it out there, the effort and planning that is put into this prep week is brilliant. 

Fred’s knowledge of the industry and understanding of ‘yachties’ and how we best learn is extremely beneficial. The books and publications and especially full access to navigation aids is so helpful and something that you won’t find anywhere else. Food in the fridge for dinner and brought is lunch every day (something different most days).Fred even sets up a mock oral to give you a real feeling of the big day and it’s a huge help. 

I hope he is doing masters prep by the time I get to mine. 

100% I wouldn’t have passed without this prep week. 

Money very well spent in the scheme of courses. It seems a lot of people in the industry are talking about Fred’s oral prep now and with good reason. 

Thanks again Fred.”
— Liam Clark
Dear Fred and Emma,

Fred, the assistance and teaching that you did during our Prep week proved absolutely essential in polishing my existing knowledge and give me the confidence to feel strong in an oral examination. I would have to dig deep to find a fault and the efforts you made beyond the call of duty didn’t go unnoticed and I thank you for that. I also apologize for chipping paint off the ceiling by flinging pasta around. It happens.

Emma, the travel guidance, support in documentation and booking the exam lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. You even brought me a special biltong delivery during my darkest hours while Fred was trying to keep my focus on the books! Thank you.

I heard about Freds Oral Prep online, gave it a go, got force fed info for a week and had a good time doing it. The best way to prep for an exam that I have come across hands down. Passed my exam and felt confident doing it.

All the best for the future. Cheers!
— Mathys Lotz
Last week I passed my OOW/Chief Mate 3000gt oral exam after doing Fred’s Prep Week. 

I went to Fred on the recommendations of a number of mates from the industry and found out first hand what all the fuss is about. I was in touch with Fred for months leading up to my oral, took his advice, put in the groundwork before I arrived, and was able to take full advantage of the week in Cowes. 

If you want to study smart, have everything taken care of, benefit from exceptional tuition, and leave nothing to chance, then I couldn’t recommend Fred more. Quite simply there is no other prep week out there that comes close.
— Nick Buterworth
“Hi guys 

If any one is about to take their OOW oral prep. Please get in contact with Fred Wilson. I know it’s taken me a while to post this (sorry Fred) but it was the best decision I ever made with my courses. Emma and Fred go out of their way to help with everything! Great accommodation and a brilliant way to learn.

I would strongly recommend anyone to get in contact and sort something out! Fred managed to get me through it so there’s hope for everyone.

Good luck!”
— Mike Wander
Another pass thanks to Fred Wilson and his lovely wife Emma.
I can not thank these guys enough for the invaluable education I recieved on the prep week with Fred. If you want the best education on becoming a OOW i highly recommend getting in touch @ www.fredsoralprep.com
So refreshing to get taught by someone who is passionate about what they do and is familiar with our work. I hope you start doing Masters prep by the time im ready to take the next step.
Thanks again Fred!!!!
— Brandon Dax
Evening All, 2 weeks ago I was extremely lucky enough to be able to get a place on Fred Wilson Marines oral prep week in Cowes. The whole setup was thoroughly professional and the house we stayed in was fantastic! 

One of the many advantages of this setup was the fact that we could test each other in the evenings with the Smarty Board etc and we didn’t have to leave the house! 

As for Our tutor, Fred, what can I say..... An absolutely amazing tutor that is young, dynamic and creative in the way he approaches teaching. Nothing is left to chance and I have just found out that all 3 of us that attended the prep week with Fred, have all passed! 

I thoroughly recommend doing your oral prep with Fred Wilson Marine. If anyone needs any further information then feel free to message me! 

Fred and Emma, a massive thank you for all your hard work into making this prep week a success! Well done!
— Anthony Cromack
Hey Folks, I just want throw a gem to my yachtie friends, who are looking to do there OOW, I went to Fred Wilson Marines oral prep week in Cowes.

Absolutely Awesome tuition, in an amazing house all set up ready to go for your oral prep week. 3 students max so you get plenty of student instructor time, and all the source material is on hand for gaining that edge to ace your exam.

I was also fortunate enough to have Fred for my Nav & radar, and GSK and i can honestly say he has it nailed. The biggest advantage fred has is that he has been there and done his own tickets up to master 3000gt, via the yachtie route, including his Oral examinations, So he can prepare you for your own examinations accordingly. I couldnt be happier with his setup for oral prep week, and the results speak for themselves, I passed my oral examinations on thursday and now have my Chief Officer endorsement.

If anyone is interested please dont hesitate to contact fred at the below link. 

Thanks Fred and Emma for all your hard work and efforts for our prep week you were oth amazing. Cheers
— William Park
Just passed my OOW oral in Newcastle - Anyone looking for some solid Oral Prep courses, or any help look no further than below - www.fredsoralprep.com

Started my modules early October at UKSA and passed within 2 months - Fred constantly helped me and with him being from a yachting background, he understands the whole system, and comes across with a much fresher and better approach than most. I would go as far as to say its majorly because of Fred I passed so quickly and ‘easily’.

What a Legend! 

Im off to go get drunk.
— Jamie Small
“Fred has taught both my GSK and Advanced Navigation and Radar modules, his friendly supportive nature together with his attention to detail really helped me pass! I cannot recommend Fred highly enough and I will very much look forward to doing my OOW prep week with Fred!” Update I Passed! 
— Micheal Ferguson
With Fred’s Oral Prep session, I breezed through my Oral in 35min!

It was an intensive session that focused on my individual areas of weakness and put me under the exam conditions.

By the end Fred completely had put me at ease, and I went into the exam happy and ready. He is a fantastic teacher, knows exactly ‘how we yachties work’. He teaches in a way that everything just makes sense, and such an enthusiastic way so you remember it all.

I cannot recommend Fred highly enough. My one session with Fred was more productive than an entire prep week at another school.
— Elizabeth Bell
I have just passed my oral exam for OOW in Plymouth. The biggest reason for passing was thanks to Fred  - www.fredsoralprep.com 

I first met Fred doing my GSK course with him in Cowes. He is an excellent teacher and makes things very easy to understand. He has recently moved on land because of family and has started up his own oral prep week. As I really enjoyed the GSK course with him and liked the way he explain things I straight away said “sign me up for that!” 

Fred, and his lovely wife Emma, helped me in making sure my NOE application and TRB were all in good order before sending it off. Once I reserved my NOE Emma phoned around and booked me an exam in Plymouth. 

Fred sent me a kindle with his personal notes which were excellent and had all the books and documents on file too, which helped a lot. 

In the mean time Emma booked a great place, at a great price for the prep week on the Isle of Wight. 

The Prep week was fantastic; Fred being in the yachting industry knows what we need and so yet again made things fun and easy to understand. He even put beers in the fridge!

I can not recommend Freds oral prep week enough. If you want to do an oral prep week in an easy way and without any hassle regarding paperwork/accommodation, have a great teacher and all the other needs us yachties have, then look no further -fredsoralprep.com - it is the only way to do it. 
— Chris George
Just a wee note to thank you all immensely for the last couple of months! You have been amazing at keeping me on the right track, answering my questions and pointing me in the right direction. The last couple of weeks have been a whirlwind but amazing at the same time. Thank you so much for your hospitality. The accommodation was amazing, the course was “unique” (in the words of Captain Carlisle) and I had a blast. Wishing you all the love and luck for the future.
— Katy McGilvray
Hi Fred
I completed and passed my Master 200 Oral in Colchester last week, almost solely due to your app.
I was unable due to work commitments offshore to be able to do a prep week and went from work to the oral and then back to site! Therefore, in the end, I studied on the job and using your app.
Although designed for OOW / Chief Mate 3000 and not specifically for the Master 200 it was incredibly helpful and I don’t think i would have passed without it.
Thank you for your hard work putting it together, and pricing it so affordably.
— Thomas Chubb
HI FRED, Just wanted to send you a proper thank you now that the pressure of a looming exam has passed. Feel free to use any quotes or paraphrase anything Ive said if you want to. Your prep week was excellent and you offer so much more than just the week in the house. I can only imagine the countless hours  you must spend to keep the machine rolling. As you are well aware, you make an incredible effort to respond to us as soon as we contact you. As you said on the phone, as yachties we expect a certain level of service and organisation and you exceeded that on every level. Every one of your students is aware of just how helpful the kindle is and how much easier it makes everything, so that is also one of the biggest factors in setting your course apart. Then there is the fact that you organise a house, and food, and all the materials, which once again is fantastic, allowing us to focus on what is necessary rather than other irrelevant factors. The house turns into a little pressure cooker of study which is invaluable. The actually teaching itself is great also, you put everything in terms we can understand and keep everyone focused on why we are there, which is to get the “passed” stamp at the end. Your knowledge of the syllabus and the examiners style of questioning was spot and for fear of repeating myself too many times, was critical to our ability to pass. The service you offer is so much more than just the week in the classroom. I could not recommend you highly enough, however your reputation in the industry is such that I probably don’t need to. The thing that domes across strongest is your genuine caring for us as students, week after week. I honestly don’t know how you do it. 

I just want to say thank you to yourself and Emma, not just personally for helping me pass, but for the greater service you give to the industry. I hope that you are duly rewarded for all your hard work. Today Im going to find a pub in London and hopefully watch the AB’s win. Ill get in touch next week when its time to mail off my NOE. Also I will post your kindle AND the little green book on monday. Good luck with your next lot and thanks again
— Ben
Good morning Fred
I want to thank you for your assistance in the apps you have created.
Even though I did not get the opportunity to do my prep week with you, your app and video helped me in passing my Masters. Very well organised platform and extremely helpful.
— Arron Mullen
Felt very fortunate! Best of luck to all out there, keep studying, mention coswp sms msn and mgn whenever you can! Better to be over prepared in case of less friendly examiners!

Thanks so much to Fred! I used the online app and it was invaluable to me. Functioned great and was well organized and laid out
— Dennis Claffey
Fred/ Emma,

Just wanted to personally express how grateful I am for all of your help.

It’s been an absolute journey for me in mentally preparing myself for my Masters with set backs and other hurdles in 2018, and getting myself back into the books, however I promised myself that 2019 was the year I’ll achieve my goals, and thankfully, now I have.

From day 1, back in March, you both were there already assisting, to the first day I stepped in the house ready for the prep course. To the moment I walked out of the exam.

The house is amazing and a great asset to the business allowing students to make themselves comfortable.
The course is an absolute perfect blend of factual, important theory and personal video/ personal study time.
The program has been highly organized and developed. In which I can’t fault.
Even with BB guns.

What I’m Trying to Say is,

Fred, thank you so very much for persevering with me, although intimidating at times, I appreciate all your guidance.
Emma, thank you for assisting Fred and myself with organizing planning and doing all the nitty gritty, I most definitely didn’t want to be doing.

I think you are both a great asset to the industry.

Thank you once again and I wish you all the very best with relocating to Australia.

Hopefully see you around soon
— Nick Dolphin