One Month Quiz 

Well the count down has started, 1 month to go.

One of the biggest differences in my Oral Prep is that I don’t lecture you, but instead coach you (or shout at you) to pass the exam. For me to do this I need all the students to have done a certain amount of work prior to arrival or iPad/App. If you have not done this then you are reducing your chances of success! Plus I want to keep my pass rates exceptional! 

Hence the need for the Kindle, which hopefully by now you have read. I need you to read my eBook from start to finish. The extra reference material is my sources for the book so you don’t need to read all of the PDF’s, but the e-book is very important. 

Recently the exams have started to be more practical.  I like this, as street smart is easier than book smart! So please if you’re on board then take note how the steering gear is tested, how the emergency steering is used, what the monthly checks are, what the BA tests are, how the drills are done and how the GMDSS batteries are tested daily and monthly. Play with the Navtex, play with the barometer, play with the radar, play with the ECDIS. The more you do in the real world the better.

Don’t panic if your not on a boat, on a private vessel, smaller yacht or even a boat with flappy sails, we will cover it, but it makes it easier if you have done it, seen it and can imagine it in the exam.  I personally know as prior to my OOW oral exam I worked purely on a small sailing yacht. I had never done a drill or a muster, weekly check or a monthly check, hence I had to learn so much new stuff for the oral it hurt!

Prior to arrival or iPad/App please make sure you know the following inside out and backwards:

  • Rules of the road, lights and shapes, sound signals. Rule 5, 6, 10, 18 and 19 word perfect.

  • Day shapes and lights on vessels.

  • I will say it again - all lights that could be shown on a vessel, use my Quiz app for this!

  • Buoyage including light sequences, use my Quiz app for this!

  • List of required publications

  • Passage planning

  • Met, the passage of a low 4 sections please start to re learn this. TRS etc

  • Search patterns from Iamsar vol 3

  • Bridge procedures 2016 checklists - I would learn Checklists B and C’s yes I did say lots of Checklists I know. They all have much the same concept so do your best to visualize what you do on board. You will be asked and expected to know this almost word perfect. You need to sit down and read them and flash card them. Learn them!

  • Flags

  • Chart symbols

  • Have a look at the GMDSS book plus know the checks and procedures. The easiest (shortest) book is called “Aussie Marine Radio operators handbook” Read over Mayday, mayday relay etc.

List of MGN’s you should have an idea about (can be found in my downloads section)

  • MGN 40 (M) International Safety Management (ISM) Code

  • MGN 71 (M) Musters, drills, on-board training and instructions, and Decision Support Systems

  • MGN 137 (M+F) Look-out During Periods of Darkness and Restricted Visibility

  • MGN 199 (M) Dangers of interaction

  • MGN 315 (M) Keeping a Safe Navigational Watch on Merchant Vessels

  • MGN 324 (M+F) Radio: Operational Guidance on the Use Of VHF Radio and Automatic Identification Systems at Sea.

  • MGN 364 (M+F) Navigation: Traffic Separation Schemes - Application of Rule 10 and Navigation in the Dover Strait

  • MGN 369 (M+F) Navigation: Navigation In Restricted Visibility

  • MGN 379 (M+F) Navigation: Use of Electronic Navigation Aids

  • MGN 477 Seafarer Agreements

Can I just remind you, if you are coming to the immersive course, please make sure you are aware the accommodation runs from Sunday to the Sunday. Please don’t make travel arrangements for the Saturday.

ADVICE: Study hard before your prep course
You are not going to listen to me, so listen from a past student……

“ Never have I worked so hard for something for so long only to sit for what felt like 15 minutes and be grilled from top to bottom. My advice to other students is -The fear is real! Get the fear early and study hard and prepare yourself as much as possible before the prep course. Thank God for Fred!” – Duncan Thane

To help and make sure you’re on the right track please find a link to a quiz, in all situations I want you to imagine you’re on a 50m motor yacht. 

The password is: to be found in the Kindle. 

Good luck!

I hope it helps. I am aware that some of the questions allow you to write the answer may mark incorrectly. Please don’t be disheartened. The quiz is for you to know if your going in the right direction, not how well you do by a number!
Then keep reading till arrival.
Looking forward to meeting you